Kevin Mahan
I graduated from Loyola Law School, Los Angeles, in 1978 and passed the Bar that year. Prior to law school, I had completed my BA and MBA at USC and spent 5 years in the USAF as a Rescue Helicopter pilot in southeast Asia. I had always been predisposed toward helping people solve their problems and a career in law was for me the natural progression of life after Viet Nam.

With the help of my wife, Paula, we set up our own law practice specializing in Family Law, Bankruptcy/Foreclosure, Workers’ Compensation and Drunk Driving. At the same time we managed to conceive and raise 4 beautiful boys.

When we added surrogacy to our Family Law practice we knew we had ventured into an exciting new field. At the time, we had just seen the shocking outcome of the Mary Beth Whitehead case. Like Solomon, the judge tried to be fair to all sides. Working on a case of first impression with no controlling law, he made a decision that pleased no one. It was unacceptable precedent and in the ensuing years, we all worked very hard to make sure that that outcome was not repeated.

We have been remarkably successful. Today we have law in California that is protective of the rights of both Intended Parents and Surrogates, and addresses the flaws of the Whitehead case. It holds all parties accountable to the promises and intentions expressed in the contract, and has provided a secure and satisfying resolution for many thousands of people struggling with the frustration of infertility.